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PVC Coated Fabric

We are the largest  Manufacturer of PVC coated fabric and PVC Vinyl Fabric in China. We produce various colors of Coated PVC fabric for tent, Waterproof fabric, Awning material, Awning fabric,Truck tarpaulin, Fabric banners, inflatable fabric, Vinyl Fabric and slide, roof membrane. Contact for bulk orders.
PVC Coated Fabric and PVC Vinyl Fabric manufacurered by Yilong is characterized by eco-friendly, non-toxic and strong tear-resistant. Our PVC Coated Fabric is widely used in different fields such as Waterproof fabric, Truck tarpaulin, oil spill containment boom, Hancock fabrics, Fabric banners, inflatable fabric boat, Awning fabric and screen printing mesh, etc. Yilong has a wide stock of colored PVC coated fabric for customers to choose from and free color swatch is available.
We aim at establishing business relations with you on PVC Fabric. Choose from our wide range of PVC Coated Fabric products, you will find what you need. We provide and tailor make a full line of custom PVC Coated Fabric with many special designs.
Welcome to contact us if you are interested in our PVC Coated Fabric!

  • Truck Cover Series

    Truck Cover Series

    truck cover 650g/m2,1000D 8*8,width:2.5m. side curtain:900g/m2,1000D 12*12 panama.

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  • PVC Oil Spill Containment Boom

    PVC Oil Spill Containment Boom

    pvc oil spill containment boom:weight:1050g/m2,1000D 20*22,width depends on you.

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  • Tents Fabric

    Tents Fabric

    Tent top:830g/m2,1000D 8*8,width:2.5m,2.95m,3.0m. Tent wall:650g/m2,width:2.5m,3.2m.

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  • Construction Membrane

    Construction Membrane

    construction membrane:1150g/m2,2000D 20*22,width 2.0m to 3.2m.

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