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Waterproof Awning fabric manufacturer

We are professional Manufacturer of PVC Fabric,

Waterproof fabric

, Outdoor fabrics and

Awning fabric

, We founded in 2000, is specialized in producing PVC coated fabric such as soft methane tank material, anti-leakage and waterproof fabric, awning fabric, Truck tarpaulin, Fabric banner for advertising, inflatable fabric as well as PE, PS, PMMA plastic sheets, etc. As an international innovative technical enterprise, Yilong integrate technology development, production and trade, with an annual production capacity of 80 millions sqms. The PVC fabric is not only popular in China but also a large number of export to Europe, America, Asia, Africa etc. With an annual sale of more than hundreds of millions, Yilong has become one of the leading enterprises of China in the PVC coated fabric, Waterproof fabric, Awning material and Awning fabric field...

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Waterproof Awning fabric - R&D

We spend 3% to 5% from the annual revenue for R&D. Since 2005, we have put an amount of 50 million RMB on research and development new products. We R&D 16 new products and turn 12 project into production each year. These bring much economic benefit for us. Our R&D center occupies 20,000 square meters. We have purchased some advanced laboratory instruments and testing equipment to ensure advanced PVC fabric and Waterproof fabric production process...

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Waterproof Awning fabric equipment

Yilong has the most advanced production equipment, including the introduction of an international most advanced Italian production line of PVC fabric. (PVC fabric width up to 3,800mm, which is the widest in Asia, while with product thickness, weight, automatic measurement, display, and a feedback automatic control forming other functions), and an imported high-performance polyester fiber fabric of SULZER piece woven pvc fabric and Awning fabric machine...

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Our PVC fabric
  • Waterproof fabric for Inflatable Boat

    Inflatable Boat

  • Awning material as Truck Tarpaulin

    Truck Tarpaulins

  • Awning fabric as Ad Banner

    Light Box Advertising

  • Awning fabric as Awning Cover

    Awning Cover

  • Waterproof fabric as Stadium Roofing

    Stadium Roofing

  • Waterproof fabric as Awning Sunshade

    Awning Sunshade

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Info. Center

  • Types of fabric

    In order to make the PVC coated fabric suitable for specific purpose, people use different materials for coating a fabric.PVC coated fabric has a large market. Other materials include PE, PU, acrylics, rubber, waxes. Based on the coating materials, we can divide the coated fabric into several types.
    PVC coated fabrics:
    The PVC coated fabric is also called PVC fabric or polymer coated fabric. This type of fabric is used for waterproof garments, chemical protective clothing and industrial clothing,
  • A General Introduction to the PVC Coated Fabric

    As the world industry develops rapidly, people have more specific requirements for the diversity of fabric material. There are many specialty fabrics going to the consumer, medical and military applications. PVC coated fabric is one of the specialty fabrics which enjoy a great popularity in many industries. A PVC coated fabric refers to a woven or non-woven fabric which is coated with some material in the surface such as rubber, elastomer PTFE etc. PVC coated fabric is an important part in our l

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